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Rich aroma, earthy flavor, full body and pleasant acidity.

Organic Bali Blue Moon

1 Pound
  • Balinese Blue Moon coffee is a rare and unique Arabica specialty coffee produced by smallholding farmers in the fertile volcanic highland area at the heart of the colorful paradise island of Bali.

    The coffee trees in this region of Bali grow next to tangerines and oranges, giving the bean a distinct, nuanced flavor. When ripe, farmers sort the coffee cherries by hand. The coffee picked must contain at least 95% red fruit to be accepted for processing. The whole cherries are submerged in water and put through a de-pulper before drying and fermenting on large concrete patios or raised beds for two to four weeks. When ready for hulling, the dried cherries take on a rich, dark purple hue.

     From the Kintamani Highlands in North Bali, an island that’s part of Indonesia. The coffee is grown under shade trees at an altitude between 3200-3900 feet.

    Bali farmers are not permitted to use pesticides on their crops. All fertilizers used on the island of Bali are 100% organic to ensure your Bali Blue Moon coffee doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals and is environmentally-friendly.

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